Well, this started out as a trip out to Rawhide, only to find out that Rawhide no longer exists! A mining company has gone in and strip mined the entire area, you can't even recognize the surrounding mountains, they're GONE! Such a bummer too, this place was very cool! Several of the buildings remained and the old jail (it was saved and is now in Hawthorne, NV). The old cemetery remains outside of the town but it's hardly worth the trip!

Somehow we ended up at Eagleville. Its a very small mine with some scattered ruins but we had a great time exploring the area. And Cat found a bottle! This picture was taken at the exact time that she spotted it! Does she looked stoked or what?
Also, nearby is a great place to collect crystal filled geodes and banded agate! We had a great time searching for the best pieces! As bummed as we were that Rawhide wasnt there for us to explore we were glad we made it to Eagleville! We had a great time!

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