Eureka is a cool semi-ghost in Utah. There is still a decent population of people living here so there isnt a whole bunch of "ghost" left. But the main street is straight out of the 1800's and the cemetary is very old and interesting. There is also a killer bottle store but it never seems to be open! And Cat's favorite thing about Eureka, the ore cars! It seems as if every house had an ore car sitting in the front yard! Too cool!
Cat got a good giggle here! There was a little boy and girl walking down on of the side streets.
The little girl waved to us but then the little boy started smacking himself in the side of the head! Cat was incohearant! She could hardly stop laughing long enough to tell her dad and brother what had happend. Her dad replied, "Aw, cousins shouldnt marry!"
Now, dont get all PC on me, the little boy was NOT autistic or anything like that, he was just acting stupid! So DO NOT write me an evil letter about it!

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