Fletcher Station was once a very busy stage stop that serviced the "traffic" in the Aurora area of Nevada. Fletcher has a fresh water spring, which was probably the deciding factor in setting up a stage stop in this otherwise dry and dusty location. Its a lush and green oasis!

Mike and his son Fletcher introduced us to Fletcher in the summer of 2000. For years Cat and I had driven right past it without realizing there was anything even here! Now, whenever we're in the area we stop for a break from the heat and a dunk under the spring! Here are pictures from a couple trips: when Mike & Fletcher first introduced us (with friend Michelle) and during a mini rally (Cat, Rob, Shane and Richard).

When you visit Fletcher you'll most likely hear some odd grunting noises. Follow the sounds over to the pond and you'll discover Fletcher's only residents! BULLFROGS!
I have SO much fun trying to catch them! I'm not sure if its because they're faster than I am or because they're slimy, but I havnt caught one yet! Mike did!

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