Cat and I visited Garnet this Memorial Day weekend (2001) with the Great Basin Explorations Group! What a fun group of people! They've all been exploring Nevada for about 30 years and have been absolutely everywhere! We want to thank them for allowing us to tag along and for being so friendly and welcoming!
For this trip they chose to explore Garnet and the surrounding area. The hills behind Garnet are honeycombed with mine tunnels, the townsite itself has four standing cabins and the whole area is scattered with ruins.

The cabins are in pretty decent shape and appear to be from no earlier than the 1940's. But the mining district was established in the late 1800's and we suspect that older ruins can be found if you want to hoof it and search for them.
By walking around in the washes we all found several bottles (nothing too old), lots of tins cans and Diane even found an old pocketwatch!
Cat was worried that we would run into a rattlesnake or two while we were here but we were lucky, we didnt see a single one! However, the lizards were everywhere! I tried and tried and tried but they're just too quick for this old dog! Maybe next time!

(Left to Right) TOP: Roger, Barbara, Diane, Carly, Marsha, Ray, Nate
BOTTOM: Shawn, Cat, Heather, Me (Ripley), Gary, Charlie, Char, Don, Stanley

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