Cat and I have always thought Goldfield was one of the most interesting sites in Nevada. Its a semi ghost town, once one of the biggest and best Nevada towns in the early 1900's. The town is such a neat blend of old buildings and homes dating to the late 1800's and early 1900's!
But the best part of Goldfield are its ghost stories!

Goldfield Courthouse Bottle House

The Goldfield Hotel
The Goldfield Hotel (above) is said to be haunted. The story goes that room 109 is haunted by a pregnant woman. Rumor has it that she was a prostitute named Elizabeth that was chained to the radiator in the room by the original hotel's owner George Winfield. After she gave birth she was left to die in the room and the newborn infant was thrown down a mine shaft, which the hotel was built over. She is said to be seen in room 109 and her presence felt by those who visit that room. The baby is said to be heard crying on lonesome nights.
There are reportedly several other ghosts on the property as well. The ghost of several small children on the lobby staircase, a ghost that "stabs" people who visit the hotel, and even the ghost of George Winfield himself.

On March 30, 2001 Cat, Mike and I had a chance to explore the hotel with the Fox program Scariest Places on Earth!
Filming inside the Goldfield Hotel lobby Goldfield Hotel Lobby
We teamed up with a psychic named Elizabeth and we explored the hotel together. We were especially interested in room 109, easily identified by the original radiator still in the room. Elizabeth detected the energy of the woman killed here but she believed that the woman had passed through the light and was no longer haunting the hotel.
Room 109 Piano in lobby
In another room she felt the ghost of an elderly man who had jumped from the 2nd story window and commited suicide. She senced great bitterness and anger from him. In the same room she felt the ghost of a woman that was afraid to pass through the light, that felt she wasnt good enough for heaven. She senced great sadness from her. When Cat walked into this room her eyes welled up with tears.
Ghostly handprint Ghostly handprint closeup
In the hallway near room 109 we noticed these very small handprints high on the wall. Small enough to be childrens hands but much too high on the wall to explain easily how they got there.
I personally hated the place! At one point we were walking through the main lobby of the hotel on the first floor. I heard or saw something and froze. And then I bolted! Ran right out the front door and down the street to the jeep! Something about this hotel scared the fur off me!
If you saw the show then you saw me shaking, trembling and jumping into Cat's arms for comfort! I'm not normally that much of a baby!

paranormal investigators in the hallway near room 109
There was also a team of paranormal investigators with us. They explored the hotel in a separate group and yet had similar experiences in many of the same rooms of the hotel. You can visit thier website at

Hotel switchboard Haunted? lobby staircase
After the filming was over we were all sitting outside on the front steps. The psychic Elizabeth and her friend said they felt they were being watched. Cat thought they meant from someone inside a home nearby. But they said they felt they were being watched from the lobby staircase. Cat turned around, looked at the staircase but there was noone there. The hairs on the back of Cat's neck stood up and she got the chills.

The episode of Scariest Places on Earth filmed at the Goldfield Hotel with Cat, Mike and I aired on Thursday October 25th, 2001 on Fox Family!
Here is what it says about the episode on their website:
"Goldfield Ghost Hunt A pair of ghost town buffs and their curious dog take part in a paranormal investigation of an abandoned gold rush hotel in Goldfield, Nevada. Purported to be one of the "seven portals to the otherworld", Goldfield Hotel is legendary for intense spirit activity. The investigators get a rare opportunity to explore the haunted ruin and document their findings, but not without paying a price for the experience."


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