Gold Hill is just down the hill from Virginia City. When we heard that the Gold Hill Hotel was supposedly haunted we HAD to check it out for ourselves! Ok, well, Cat had to check it out, no dogs allowed to stay overnight in the hotel.

Cat had dinner in the hotel restaurant (she LOVED IT) and then worked up a little liquid courage in the hotel bar. The hotel staff was super freindly, Cat really enjoyed meeting everyone. Of course, they also tried to scare her a little with some ghost stories before she headed up to her room.

Unfortunately, Cat didnt see or hear anything unusual (well, ok, there was the honeymooning couple in the next room). She tried to stay up all night and encounter the famous hotel ghost affectionately known as Rose, because people has said that the smell of roses accompanies her visits. No luck! Cat saw NOTHING!
But the hotel was ultra charming in itself and Cat was very happy with her stay there! She's hoping to visit again this coming fall and give the ghost another try, we'll see what happens then!
Another cool thing about Gold Hill, the old buildings are generally in pretty good shape. Cat and I had a killer time checking them all out and exploring. Plus, there is a great old mill on the hillside that we attempted to explore. As you can see in the photos of the mill on this page, its off limits but it doesnt look like anybody pays attention to the signs!

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