Inyo Mine near Schwab Ghost Town in Death Valley, California.  Notice that Richard is in the picture twice!


Inyo mine cabin
The Inyo Mine is located inside Death Valley National Park, up Echo Canyon. The dirt road to the Inyo mine is pretty tame, you could get away with taking a passenger car up to it. However, we took the back way out, over the Funeral Mountains to the Amaragosa valley. It was rough in spots, but man, was it fun!

Inyo mine, mining equipment ruins
The Inyo mine has lots of ruins left at its site. There are several standing wood cabins (and several fallen ones). There is quite a bit of the old mining machine ruins as well! I would have to say that this is the most intact ghost town we have visited within Death Valley. Then again, we havnt been to them all yet, we might change our opinion at a later date!

Inyo Mine cabin

Inside Inyo mine cabin

Inyo Mine, home fallen into ruins Inyo Mine, mill equipment in wash

Richard and Shane check out the air compressor engine at the Inyo Mine

Inyo Mine, railroad tracks leading from the mine to the hopper Inyo mine, hopper at the mine site

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