The Keane Wonder Mill is located at the base of the mountains and is easily accessible by car. The Keane Wonder mine is located another mile up accessible only by foot. The trail is kinda steep and offers NO SHADE. Definitely do this hike early in the day or not at all!

As you hike up you will be following the old tram line where there are several ore cars still attached. The first time we hiked up to the mine site it was SO hot that all we wanted to do was hide inside the mine for a little while to cool down. We came face to face with a chuckawalla that didnt want to give up his cool spot. He finally took off.

The mine site is pretty cool. There is an old engine, an old hopper and lots of other ruins. Down in the canyon below the mine there are several intact ore cars. These could be better checked out by someone that hiked up via the wash.

This is the mill at the base of the mountains.

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