The mill at the site of the May Lundy Mine

Lundy Canyon, The May Lundy Mine

Lundy Canyon is a gorgeous site just northwest of Mono Lake. The canyon itself has about 10 separate mines through out the canyon, all of which are fantastic exploring. Our favorite is the May Lundy Mine.
The May Lundy mine is accessed via an old jeep trail. While Cat and I hiked the 3 1/2 miles to the mine the "jeeper" in Cat was navigating the trail. She only deemed one spot "sketchy" the rest she thought would be a great trail! However, this site is accessed strictly by foot, the forest service has gated the entrance.

May Lundy adit in 1998 May Lundy adit in 2002 Looking inside the mine through the gate

A view of the May Lundy mill site from the mine tailings aboveThe photos above were taken at the mine entrance just above the mill site. The actual May Lundy mine is high above the site via a difficult and some say dangerous trail. We didnt attempt it this time around. Instead we checked out the mill site, where all these photos below were taken.
At some point there was a fire here which left all the equipment but burned down the mill itself. We counted four stamps with 5 rock crushers inside each, four ore cars, and other assorted cool stuff! Cat was thrilled! A panoramic of the mill site

Some of the mill equipment thats in fantastic shape!

You can see the stamps and the ore cars in this photo

One of the stamps with 5 rock crushers inside Ripley enjoying the day at Lundy

Our buddy Jami checking out the site in 1998 Equipment at the May Lundy with Crystal Lake in the background

An oven overturned Bricks overflow from the oven

A brick from the oven made at the Ramsey quarry

A compressor or engine of some kind Not sure what this is exactly

Ore Cars! Cat pondering the ways to hike out with an ore car

Yep, these are what you think they are, ore cars! And Cat had to do some serious pondering to decide if she could pack one of these puppies out in her fanny pack. Alas, reality back slapped her. When Cat spotted this cool set of ore car wheels you'd could have heard her scream "Whoa!" across the canyon! By the way, they are MUCH heavier than they look! :-) By this time I had spotted some mule deer and was off in hot pursuit.

Ore car wheels Cat tests the weight of the wheels

A huge wheel at the mill Assorted equipment wheels

House at the edge of Crystal Lake Foundations

We found one foundation of a house and then this fallen down cabin. Looks like this was a combination of sleeping quarters and ore processing site.

the fallen down cabin at the May Lundy

a trunk of some kind found at the house Cat and Ripley at the May Lundy mine at Crystal Lake

After I finished chasing the deer I came back for a quick picture of Cat and I before we hiked back out.

Mill vats? Hot tubs?

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