Cat and I just LOVE having a ghost town in our backyard!
The Mammoth Consolidated Gold Mine has been some what restored and is protected by the US Forest Service. There is a self guided tour available and you can take horseback rides through the area on your way to Heart Lake.
Its really beautiful here and I have alot of luck on the critter scene! Squirrels, rabbits, racoons and we've even seen a bear here once!

Years ago, when Cat first visited this mine, it was not gated like it is now. Even though the mine was (and usually is) filled with about a foot of water Cat explored it. She reports that it goes back about 1/4 of a mile and seemed very solid and stable.
Now-a-days the mine entrance is gated so exploring isnt even an option, but its still fun to explore the general area! Lots to see and truly beautiful views!

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