Cat and I visited Morris camp a couple of times now and I'm positive we'll be going back again! There is so much to explore. Several cabins, a gorgeous mill, and miles upon miles of underground mine tunnels!

How cool is this place??? We found an ore cart and a couple of pairs of old shoes near the cabins! This place rocks!

This gorgeous old ore bin/mill still has some of the old machinery inside. Check out the belt with the small metal ore cups on it. And as we were about to find out, the tailing piles were proof positive of the miles and miles of tunnels we were about to explore!

On our 1st trip here Outlaw Brad and Outlaw Mike explored this mine with us for a couple of hours! This mine was so cold inside that the humans had to wear jackets (I have my trusty fur coat) even though it was in the 90's outside! Inside we found old newspapers dating to the mid 1950's, a detective novel (mild porn) dating to the early 50's, grafiti from the 40's, several bottles (we're guessing from the 40's) and lots and lots of mining equipment.

Our 2nd trip to the Morris Shaft we were accompained by Outlaw Brad with Squirrel Buttons, Wild Bill, Dave the Desert Rat, Dezdan, and Guy & Alysia (The Starbucks). We had a complete blast! Wild Bill proved true to his name, he climbed up or down any shaft we came across with good ladders! Cat followed him down one, they counted 29 ladders and found two other levels.

Alysia checks out the mine grafitti Alysia and Dezdan

Brad plays with a sleeping bat Brad and William, the Morris Boys

Wild Bill going up a shaft

Guy Starbuck took the above photo. Check out the link to his website at the bottom of this page
The group wanders around a down shaft inside the mine Brad and Dezdan ponder the Tommyknockers as Wild Bill prepares to go down into a mine shaft

Dave crosses some boards over a shaft Cat climbing down into a mine shaft, this one turned out to be 29 ladders deep
These two pics above of Dave and Cat were taken by Dezdan!

Dave and Alysia take a rest Dezdan checks out the up shaft

Guy checks out the upshaft Squirrel Buttons loves exploring mines!

Watch out for those STOPE CATS
We had a fantastic time exploring Morris Camp! We'll definitely be back!
Also, a big thanks to Brad for some of his photos that are also used on this page. Normally, Cat does all the photo taking and we dont see her any of the photos. Thanks Brad!

All of Brad's photos from this trip are here!
All of Dave's photos from this trip are here!
Guy's photos from this trip are here!

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