Cat and I have been dying to make it out here to the Poinsetta mine for a couple of years! We'd heard that it was pretty cool and wanted to check it out for ourselves!

The Poinsetta mine is also used as a boy scout camp (infrequently by the condition of everything) by the Hawthorne, NV chapter boy scouts.

Cat and I had fun exploring the site. However, I was bummed! Nothing to chase except my shadow! However, Cat assured me that there are snakes out in this area, we just got lucky and didnt see any this trip.

The headframe over the shaft is in fairly good condition. We couldnt judge whether or not the ladders were in good condition or how far down the shaft went. So we erred on the side of caution and passed on exploring the mine.
Oh, and Cat forgot her brand new flashlight here, she was bummed but just wrote it off as a sacrafice to the ghost town gods!

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