Shannon Canyon Mine


We first heard about this mine while we were taking a tour of a local mine and mill.
The miners there told us about it and said it was pretty cool and the mine was huge. They looked at Cat and told her that she looked "sturdy" and that she could probably make it in a day but that it was a strenuous and difficult hike.
However, in reality the hike was very short! Only about a 45 minute easy walk from where the road turns into a trail! The hike up is quite beautiful as well, following a small stream with lots of green undergrowth! And as we found out the hard way, this place is loaded with ticks! YUCK!

Shannon Canyon Mine Graffitti

Shannon Canyon mine

The mill infront of the Shannon Canyon mine Shannon canyon mine ruins

There is the remains of a small mill infront of the mine and we spotted an ore chute high on the side of the hill. We decided to hike up to it. The rock was so loose that for every step we took we slid back a half foot. So we used the tram cable to help us up.

Climbing the cable up to the ore chute Looking down the cable line

Mike standing infront of the ore chute

This old brake on the ore chute could still be moved back and forth. Its rare to find one of these things not rusted and in such good shape.

Shannon canyon mine workings Shannon canyon mine workings

What are these?

Some of the stuff we found laying around: mining equipment, an old boot (we seem to find these everywhere we visit), bed springs, crushed metal pails and tons of quartz, or maybe calcite.
We also found some great garnet and epidote samples here! Cat must have carried at least a couple of pounds worth of rocks back with her!