Overlooking Simon Ghost Town


Cat and I visited Simon ghost town with our friends Shawn and Heather. There is so much to see here! There are at least 5 cabins, the cement ramains of the HUGE mill, TONS of equipment ruins, and TONS of scattered remains around the townsite.

There was plenty to explore here. While Cat, Shawn and Heather were cruising around the cabins and mill ruins I was out running around searching for squirrels and lizards!

The two photos above are of the assay office. Its only standing due to one single board holding it upright! Shawn pointed this out right when Cat stepped inside the cabin! YIKES!

The Simon mill was burned by vandals many years ago. Friends of ours from the Great Basin Explorations group were here right after the fire. The coals were still smoking! What we all want to know is, what kind of idiot gets his thrills from buring down our nations historical structures? If you spot vandalism or destruction of any site please report it to your local authorities right away! We need to preserve ghost towns and historical sites for the generations to come!

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