The Swansea Salt Tram


We got here via the Swansea Grade, which was really beautiful and lots of fun! At several points during the drive up you can catch glimpses of tram towers in remarkable condition! This tram and workings were used from the 1800's to WWI and considering the harsh weather conditions it must see every year at such high altitude (9,000+ feet) we're amazed its in such fantastic shape! What also makes this an amazing site are the views! To the east you have breathtaking views of Saline valley and beyond and then to the west you have views of the Owens Valley, Owens dry lake and the Sierras, including Mt Whitney.

There is also lots to see and find here. There is an old salt tram car laying on the hillside, extra cable, the engine is still basically there, and even a little house that I felt right at home in!


While visiting the Swansea salt tram I stuck my nose into a bush cheking for critters! I found one alright! I found this Western Diamondback Rattlesnake and it struck me on the nose! Yes, thats a picture of the snake above! And as you can see from the pictures below, I swelled up pretty badly, Cat thought I looked like a Shar-pe!


Learn what to do if yourself or your dog is bitten by a rattlesnake! Please follow this link: SNAKE BITE INFO

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