We LOVE Virginia City!
Cat and I have been coming here for several years now and always find something new to explore when we visit.
Main St is kinda touristy, lots of shops and little restaurants but we love the homes and buildings on all the side streets! Very cool!
Oh, and there is a FANTASTIC book store on Main St called Mark Twain's bookshop. Lots and lots of ghost town books and local area history books.

The Virginia City cemetary is HUGE!
There are actually 11 cemetaries that make up the whole site. If you really want to explore it properly you need to spend several hours. We also suggest picking up the Virginia City Cemetary book to help you out. It gives you a map and specific graves and stones of interest.
Cat and I had a fantastic time reading all the headstones and just generally exploring the site. There are some truly beautiful statues and graves here! Plus, the surrounding area makes for wonderful photographs!

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