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About the Ghost Town Webring:
The Ghost Town Webring is a linking together of websites containing information, photos or other content regarding ghost towns, historical sites, mines, mining camps, the old west, related museums, and gold/mineral prospecting. Together they encompass our heritage and history, preserving them online before they decay with the ages. And bringing together those that cherish these fascinating places.

Webring Guidelines: (PLEASE READ!)
  • Your page must contain content and/or photos regarding ghost towns, mines, mining camps, historical sites, or gold/mineral prospecting.
  • Clean graffics, no broken links, etc.
  • You must have the Webring code on either your main page or on your webring page, NOT your links page.
  • Register with the page address where the ring code is located, otherwise it will not be detected by our system and your page will not be added to the ring.
  • You must put the code on your page within 10 days of submitting your site. If you do not, you will not be added and your site will be removed from the queue.
  • If you webpage moves at a later date, you must edit your site. If you do not you will be removed from the ring. Rings only work if they arent broken. Dont break the ring!

    The Code and Graffics
    After you sign up for the webring you will be emailed with the webring code. Please CUT and PASTE the code from the email into your site.
    If the code confuses or you need help with installing the code into your page please email us at or

    Your Webring Logo will look like this:

    This RingSurf THE GHOST TOWN WEBRING Net Ring
    owned by ***SITE TITLE***.

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